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A great picture I found online

A recent article about women who race sidecars can be found here: The joy of the passenger sport

Sidecars and Kids

It’s been a few months since we’ve posted anything – and I feel pretty bad… but we have good reason – our midwife says I probably shouldn’t ride anymore. And now being about 8 months pregnant, I do worry about taking a spill on the bike. But I keep day dreaming about riding again and when we can get a side car. How old must a child be to ride one of those? The child would probably have to be able to hold their head up, right? Well, I have no idea – there is little literature online (other than people riding with their 10 year old kid or dog and I hope we don’t have to wait 10 years to ride with our daughter) but I hope it will be sooner rather than later!

I’m having withdrawals! And the mountain roads are waiting!

Here are some cool sidecars we found online:

Mount Madonna

Some recent pictures around Mt. Madonna in Central California.

Map from Santa Cruz to Idria Ghost TownTrip: Santa Cruz, CA to New Idria mine (ghost) town, CA
Miles: 106mi
Time: 3 hours 6 minutes (one way)
Town website: http://www.new-idria.org/ (But trust us, it’s not as pleasant as it sounds, this place is CREEPY!)

We checked out the New Idria area because it looked like an interesting ride. We looked up the town of Idria and found out there was a ghost town nearby. We thought that would be an exciting trip. The ride down there was great. We stopped at Flapjacks Country Cafe for lunch on the way down. We’ve been there before. The food and service has always been good. Lots of bikers stop here and they have a nice outdoor patio.

The rudest and meanest lady we've ever encountered!

The Dragon Lady: This time around we had the pleasure of sitting near the meanest most negative woman in all of California. She continued to yell at the staff about how the food was horrible, everything was “just wrong” and that she wasn’t enjoying her meal. We continued to stare at her hoping she’d keep it down but I think she must have been drunk as she seemed to be trapped in her own horribly negative world. Her boyfriend/husband and kids just sat quietly as she continued to complain. What hell they must live in. We made sure we told the staff how much WE enjoyed being there. We learned that she was, in fact, a drunk who comes by often and complains rudely every time. Why do you keep coming back lady? Anyway, make sure you avoid this woman at all costs.

Awesome views on Panoche Rd.

Panoche Road and New Idria Road: These were amazing roads. Very green and beautiful. Lots of cows, rolling hills, streams, and the roads weren’t too bad. The road is a bit windy here (no switch backs, casual turns with some one lane areas) and New Idria became pretty straight for a bit but very pleasant. New Idria Rd. Is rougher than Panoche Road and we went through a few flooded areas but nothing that any bike couldn’t get through. We finally got to the dirt portion of the road (after about 25 miles on New Idria Road) when it got pretty bumpy and muddy. Christopher tried to ‘test the mud’ head on to make sure it was okay for me to go on (what a sweet man). Well, our tires are far from knobby and didn’t provide enough traction for this type of road. He went down pretty quick. The mud was pretty damn deep though. We had a good laugh. Took lots of pictures and managed to slip and slide around until we got the bike back up. We were just at the beginning of the town so we decided to walk.

So our tires aren't really for riding in the mud. We learned this pretty quick.

I think there was someone in thereNew Idria Ghost Town: Alright folks. This is not a neat, tidy ghost town like Tombstone or others that tourists flock to. This place is creepy. I mean REALLY creepy. Signs everywhere say NO STOPPING, CAMPING, OR PARKING… oh yes and “F#*$ Sierra Club”, “Sierra Club Sucks” and our favorite, “Keep The F*(& Out”. It seemed like if you DID stop, you were sure to meet your demise. As we walked up the hill to the main part of the town we saw a man and his kid. This put us at ease a bit to see other people. As they soon drove away he warned us, “Be careful. This place is scary.” We laughed and headed deeper in the town. This guy was right. It felt really scary especially after they left. These buildings look like squatters frequent here and it just felt like there were people in the hills or deep in those houses watching us. Mattresses and furniture were broken and thrown all over the outside of the houses. Windows were broken, canned food was all over the patios (which means someone probably brought them there recently – they didn’t look old…) Old shoes and things were laying everything. The place was really really creepy. We kept thinking zombies would come out of these houses at any moment. I soon felt stupid for going in there on foot and we quickly decided we needed to leave. Now I love a haunted house and a good scare now and then, but folks, these place is REALLY scary. Take my word for it. Drive your vehicle through if you must go, don’t stop, and bring a weapon if you visit this place.

Beemer Love


Beemer Love

Beemer Love 2

In the Santa Cruz Mountains

Beemer Love 3

On the way home from Napa

Beemer Love in Dirt

Near Coralitos and Soquel


We miss the R1100S

After Christopher’s accident we put off buying another motorcycle for a while since I’m away for grad school for a few (long) years and motorcycling generally only happens in the summer. But Chris spot an awesome deal on Craig’s list for a 2002 BMW F650GS for only $3300 and just over 2000 miles. We couldn’t believe it! He swiped it up pretty quickly and he called me as soon as he returned from his trip to pick up the bike in San Francisco, “I am getting one of these too!” He had such a good ride back – saying how nimble and fun the bike was.

I recently flew home for a few days where we took a nice trip from Santa Cruz to Morro Bay down the coast then headed inland on the way home. It was mostly in the rain, but we had such a great time. Man, the GS is awesome! I have to say it is probably the funnest and best bike I’ve owned!

foggy and rainy day

foggy and rainy day

Hearst Castle

Hearst Castle